Wednesday, January 9, 2013

... waiting on Tittina ...

When I was young I was involved in many things at school. From sports to school ... Let's just say I was really busy. I also cared deeply about my grades, so I spent many late nights studying. I always remember not liking the stillness of the house when everyone went to bed. It made me anxious, it made me nervous ... One day I asked my mom if she could leave a light or the TV on ... and so it began, our tradition. I will call it tradition ... I don't know what my mom called it though. :) maybe it's best I don't know.

No wait! I do know ... I am my mother ... staying up, I am my mother ... falling asleep on the couch waiting for her daughter to finish her homework. I am her. Yes, that is right, I too wait for my daughter, sometimes giving into my tiredness ... I sleep, but I wait ... and I call from a distance ... are you done, sometimes not so softly. All out of worry though ...

I do this out of my own will ... she actually has never asked me to wait for her ... I wonder if she needs me to wait. Maybe she does not feel what I used to feel.

I remember seeing the flickering light of the TV and this fact gave me comfort. I very well knew that many times my mom was asleep, however even then I felt comfort in some type of noise, some type of light.

I love my mother for doing this.


It is 23:57. Yes, 3 minutes until midnight and there is still homework to be done ... and so I wait, like my mother did. AP ONLINE US History is almost complete. Ahhhhhhh, my bed ... Where are thou? ;)

Wait I hear the computer being turned off, finally my bedtime has arrived.


Before I go I will leave you with a few pics of my eats.

Homemade Piadina. I did not have prosciutto, so I did ham and mascarpone. Sorry about the pic. Not easy to shoot. Very hungry.


To take care of the many apples around the house and a package of puff pastry that had already been defrosted, I made this:

Last night I made a very lazy dinner and a staple in Colombian households ... huevos fritos, arroz y plátano frito.



I know it sounds simple.

What is so special about fried eggs, rice and fried plantains, you may ask?Truthfully I am unable to explain it, so therefore I am unable to answer ... the one thing i do know is that the combination is simply divine. (Have I written this phrase before to describe my food ... Hmm ... Probably).

Please disregard my egg making abilities. One egg is flipped, but not the other.

So finally. Goodnight! ... a dopo ... J




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