Wednesday, January 2, 2013

... New Year's ...

I really had a lovely New Year's Eve ... I cooked a lot during the break ... below the menu ...

So here it goes ...

  1. Lentils. For good luck and money ... I really don't love lentils, but its tradition.
  2. 12 grapes. One wish as the clock strikes 12. I love grapes, so,this one is an easy tradition for me to follow.
  3. Salmon and Creme Fraiche.
  4. Wasabi Cucumber Salad from She Wears Many Hats ... delicious.
  5. Mini Brie with Raspberry Jam.
  6. Mixed Berry Cobbler. Double Delicious!!! New staple in my household.
  7. Zucchini Chips with Tzatziki.
  8. Traditional Lasagna.
  9. Veggie Asparagus Lasagna - for my vegetarian. (6 months and counting).
  10. Flan.
  11. Crepes with Nutella.
  12. Cheese Fondue ... (Fontina and Gruviera) Yum.
I think that is all ... It was delicious. Did I use that word in this post yet ;).

I have to tell you that I am lucky to have a beautiful family, that I love and am very close to. As you know we spent Christmas just the 4 (5 with Dante) of us ... I missed my family, but we have to do the best we can And this year a trip was not in the cards for us ...

We celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day and so I woke up on Christmas to an email from my brother with a YouTube link to my other brother dancing the Polka (AKA Gangnam Style) - It was so funny ... He was a mess. The video made me laugh, (I wish I could share it - it is very funny), and made me realize once more how fun and united my family is. There is no get-together without dancing and silliness. I am so grateful.

I might have missed the Christmas Eve fun but I was not going to miss the opportunity to show my family that we have the moves. Pleae view now for I don't know how long my daughters will let me keep it on the blog. ;)

We laughed so hard while making it.

We have a tradition of sending pics of the most important events of the year. To be shared New Year's Eve. This tradition started simple ... but now we all try to out do each other, all in good fun.

This year we decided to Skype so that we could see the year's review simultaneously.

Our Skype call began at 9 PM.

  1. My brother started with a wonderful presentation with comments from my 3 year old niece included. Precious and funny.
  2. My niece did a movie complete with beginning and ending credits and music.
  3. My sister, well, she just sent one pic thinking she had sent the whole presentation. We all laughed, that is so her.
  4. My presentation came last and it wasn't half bad, if I can say so myself.

I also sent the video above ... Which was a surprise, THAT THEY WERE NOT EXPECTING, but completely brought on my family's competitive nature to the forefront.

So the "live" competition began ...


Yes, those are actual pics of my computer ... and that is my family dancing via Skype. I can't tell you how much fun it was to be with my family on New Year's on Skype. It actually almost felt as we were in the same place. Incredible. 4 hours on Skype being together-apart.

Only in my family and oh how I loved it.


Just wanted to finish my post with very short reviews of the 4 (Yes. 4!) movies we saw over the break

  1. This is 40 - blah, disappointed. A DVD movie. Not worth the 10 dollars.
  2. The Guilt Trip - funny and cute. Must see. Worth the 10 dollars.
  3. Anna Karenina - I liked it. It was weird, but good. Need to read the book again.
  4. Silver Linings Playbook. GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL. MUST SEE! Paid 7.50 for it was a matinee. Would have paid the 10 dollars for sure. LOVED IT!
That is all for now ... a dopo ... J



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