Sunday, January 13, 2013

... and here we go again ...

Yes, that is right it's time to start my travels again. So it's. 12 days out. Trip number 1. 1 week in. 1 week out. Trip number 2. 1 week in. 1 week out. Trip number 3. 1 week in. Trip number 4. OK, that's it. I refuse to think past that.

Italy. Mexico. Brazil. Canada.

Work. (Taking advantage of seeing my family over the weekend ;) Yeah!). Work. Work. Work. (Three out of these four trips. HELP! Will my feet resist ???


Today I ran! Yes. It wasn't fast but it felt great. It was such a beautiful spring-like day in the midst of winter. It should be like this all through the year.

I should not rejoice too much though, it's going to be very cold in Italy. But I am rejoicing as I will see my family, my friends. Forgive me if the next reason to rejoice sounds silly but I am so happy to eat. I am on track with my eating, however soon to be very off track. Yes, I say that proudly, I will be eating cappelletti, tortelli (di zucca e verdi), prosciutto, salame, lasagne, gelato, pesce and the list goes on and on.

My dilemma ... not my possible weight gain, but my camera. I want to take my wonderful macro, however the thought of having to carry something else is not looking too appetizing right now. I may have to rely on my iPhone to bring you the sights and sounds.



Today we celebrated my daughter's birthday a day early as she had to head back to college.

I still can't believe that she is 19. I always get so emotional when she has her birthday. My first born ... She left today and I am already thinking of when I will see her again ... I miss her.

So before I tear up. Here is what she requested for her birthday brunch. A Croque-Madame. We knew we were going to have a lazy day and brunch always is the best way to go.



... and of course to even out the French cuisine in an Italian household ... a wonderful romaine and strawberry salad with balsamic vinegar. :)

Now off to pack. The ONLY thing I said I HAD to do this weekend ... one hour and ten minutes left of this weekend, there is still hope.

... my best for the week to come ... a dopo ... J



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