Wednesday, December 26, 2012

... thinking ahead ...

OK, so Christmas has come and gone and here I am as always thinking of New Year's Day! I love the New Years and New Year's resolutions ... yes, I am one of those.

I have been thinking about the New Year's Eve menu ... I would love to have a party and a house full of kids and their parents, however that is not the norm at the age that my girls are at ... :( ... can you believe it !!!

... in addition to this as you know the Mr. can't do two handed activities just yet and dancing is off the table for more reasons than one ... (1. because he hates dancing. 2. because of his hand and the pins in his wrist still bring him pain. 3. and 4., 5., 6., etc. ... because he hates dancing). I on the other hand miss dancing, but I guess I will have to wait until next year's company party or my next family reunion!

So since the probabilities of a dance party are slim, I must move onto plan B. A nice dinner with the girls before they head out to their respective parties!

This year I am thinking to not do a sit down dinner, but instead do an assortment of mini dishes which you all know I am a fan of.

These are the initial contenders:
  1. Mini - pizza
  2. Mini - Mac and Cheese with Emmental, Gruviera and/or Fontina
  3. Mini - Brie with Red Raspberry Jam
  4. Mini - salmon sandwiches
  5. Bruschetta with tomato
  6. Zucchini Chips and Tzaziki
  7. Sesame Wasabi Cucumber Salad
  8. Individual Baked Pasta or lasagna
  9. Fruit Cobbler
  10. Nutella Cupcakes
  11. White Sangria
  12. Roast-beef with horseradish sauce
  13. Salad with mom's salad dressing (always)
  14. Crepes
Another idea I have been toying around with is a sweet and savoury crepe dinner ...
  1. Crepe with brie and raspberry as the appetizer.
  2. Crepe with Salmon and Creme Fraiche and caviar as the second appetizer.
  3. Crepe "Monsieur"
  4. Crepe "Lasagna"
  5. A salad, without crepes ...
  6. Crepes with Nutella and berries for dessert.
I am somewhat confused ... it is starting to feel like its more work than I had anticipated! 

... your thoughts? ... a dopo ... J


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