Sunday, December 2, 2012

... the return of the long run ...

Yes, you read right. The long run has returned. 10 Miles. Double digits! As you know yesterday's plan was to run long regardless of the time. My boss always asks me why I am always unable to run without worrying about what my pace will be. I don't know the answer. Maybe it is just my nature, however this perhaps has been the greatest deterring factor of me running another half.

So today I set out to accomplish what I was supposed to do yesterday ... the LONG run! It was gloriously sunny and the temperature was perfect.

Since after turning 40 my eyes are not what they used to be I purposely set my Garmin to 4 data fields so that I could not read my average pace ... you did not think I could totally go out without my Garmin :) ...


I did it ... 10 miles ... and I am already feeling it. ;) ... they were SLOW ... but WONDERFUL miles and eventhough the end time result was not what I wanted ... I actually needed to know that I can still do it.

The first 8 miles were good miles. I purposely went extra slow ... going all out from the start has always been my problem. The last 2 miles were tough and I could probably have been surpassed by a walking toddler ... but I did it.

I am upset that I did not sign up for the Wrightsville Half yet ... 20 more dollars I think to pay as I did not register in the first price point ... that is what I get for procrastinating!


Guess what ... I am starting another photo a day ... yes, yes, I should say another attempt at it ... so far so good ... Day 1: 8 o'clock and Day 2: Peace (Do you think I am a little obsessed with my Dante?)




I must go back to my patient.

The leader of the bike group told us that the owner of the dog could be liable for all charges incurred. I really would hope so. Up tp now we have spent $300 in the emergency room visit. Who know what the surgery will cost.

WIsh us luck ... a dopo ... J



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