Friday, December 7, 2012

... I have never won ...

Do you remember that as kids there were raffles during birthday parties, and as you grew older there was always a chance to win something by choosing a paper out of a hat, or guessing a number or something else?

Well ... I never won ... not once ... back then my lucky number was 9 and I played any number combination with a 9 and never won ... I guess I should have tried 2 or a 3 after so many losses, but I remained faithful to my 9 ... to no avail. (I still the number 9 today, yet the favorite and lucky title have been relinquished, however no new entries have taken the coveted place in my heart).

Now I am much older ... and wiser ... or so I think! :) But ... I still have not won ....

... this week due to the proximity to Christmas a million giveaways are on the web ... many of them fantastic! soooooo ... I have entered into giveaway mania ... I comment, I tweet, I like, I favor ... I do anything I need to do to get extra entries ... and ... I still have yet to win.

OK, so there is no use of the number 9 or even the 2 or 3, and I have finally learned this ... my lotto are always chosen at random ... and yet ... I still have not won ... HOWEVER ... I am determined to win ... I will win before December is over! I have DECIDED ... :)

I only enter giveaways I really like, however I still do not have a brand new Mac, or a Food Processor or new running pants ... but you will see I will win ...

... or not :)

... a dopo ... J

P.S. I apologize for the wordy posts lately ... I just had things to say ... hope you enjoy ... happy reading!


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