Wednesday, December 5, 2012

... countdown to vacation ...

So today we went to have Mr. ... semplicemente ... J's CT scan. The 3D version. Whatever version it is, it's the expensive version. This accident is proving to be very expensive. I am close to meeting my deductible, so I am hoping to get some relief soon.


The hospital was desolate in the wing we were at.

As you know I love my job. I have said it before in my blog, I love my job, I have a great boss, a great team, a beautiful office and I have a JOB. I am thankful for all that my job gives me and what it represents for me and my family ... but ... I will not lie to you. I am ready for vacation. Not having a break during the year can be taxing on the body and mind.

For the first time in many years we are not going anywhere. Not Italy, not Colombia, not anywhere ... and though I am going to miss being with my family. However I am SO VERY HAPPY, that I will get to be with my girls during the break.

... this being said ... I am counting down the days to vacation. Time with my family. 10 days. :)

Hope your countdowns result in a beautiful little something. ... a dopo ... J



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