Friday, December 28, 2012

... 2013 resolutions ...

So it's 2 AM or so and I was sleeping gloriously and my mom instincts kicked in and I had to wake up to check if my daughter (yes, my college aged daughter who is home for the Christmas break), had arrived to her friends house going out with friends. I sent her a message, went downstairs to let Dante out and sure enough after a few emails and Dante's stroll around the yard ... I was wide awake!

As my iPad and computer are always close by ... I started to read my usual blogs ... you know just to make my mind engage and wake up even further!

Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat posted her feelings on New Year's reolutions ... I could not believe it ... someone actually feels the same way I do about New Year's Resolutions ... I am glad someone does. :)

As you know I even have a page dedicated to all my New Year's Resolutions. I even review my resolutions at the end of the year ... (you can find me latest recap here).

This year I have decided to reduce my list to five resolutions ... so with no further ado I present to you J's 2013 resolutions: (OK, they may still change ... but it sounded good)

  1. Run two Half Marathons ... scary, I did not even complete one last year and now I am shooting for two!
  2. Read 12 books. Love this one, it keeps me on task with my reading. I bet this number is so attainable for half of the world out there ... it would be for me too, IF I didn't let life get in the way.
  3. Running Mileage. I want to shoot for a number ... I do not know what that number is yet.
  4. 12 New Recipes ... this is a 2012 resolution, and though I cannot name my new recipes of 2012, I know I accomplished this ... next year I want to be more proactive in identifying them.
  5. Volunteering. Though I know I will fulfill this resolution I want to keep it present and front and center.

There are also informal resolutions like more Yoga, my ideal weight, maybe to final fulfill my retreat, however these will remain off the official list, not due to laziness or other, I just want to keep my goals and resolutions fun, and this for me seems to be the way to do it.


I am starting to touch the screen of my computer and want to use the mouse with my iPad ... I think it is time to go to bed!

... buona notte ... a dopo ... J



  1. Hey girl!
    Great goals - I think it's nice to have a small and concentrated list of what you want to accomplish.
    I love the half-marathon goals - you will absolutely do it!
    I did my first one in May 2012, and it was such a wonderful personal accomplishment!

    1. I hope so ... I did my first (and only) in Toronto in 2010 and haven't been to repeat since. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. What wonderful new year goals! I believe in them too, even if I may not always achieve them. I also like how you review your resolutions! That's focus! Hope you have a wonderful New Year, 2013!!!

    Ciao amica,