Thursday, November 22, 2012

... a wonderful family ... no need for presents :)

I love Thanksgiving ... I love a holiday where their is no need for presents! I love it ... Usually we go to my sister's house but this year I wanted to have a low key dinner ... no trips ... you know for work I have my share of those ... and with this being the first Thanksgiving that my daughter actually came home for this holiday specifically, I wanted to be at home and have a nice, intimate dinner just the four of us! Five with our Dante :)

Yesterday I was at home from work ... it was supposed to be my day off and I guess it was in a sense, but I have so much to do, that my blackberry, iPad and computer were always close by.

I also accomplished my Thanksgiving break task which was clean and organize the first floor of my house ... garage included of course ...

I want someone to tell me how is it that it took us six hours to clean and organize my very small house!!! I am not even a packrat, so truthfully I do not know how it is possible. We have A LOT of garbage ... and a nice stack of things to give away. Thanksgiving task #1 ACCOMPLISHED!

This morning I woke up at 7AM, WHY!!! I do not know, however since the girls were asleep I decided to organize my closet while waiting for them to wake up. This was supposed to be my Christmas task ... but I am so happy that I was able to finish that before years end. Only task to complete before 2013 - organize the papers, the documents ... YUCK

After all that organizing I was ready to start with the feast preparation :

I started with the the Tres Leches dessert I made for my friend ... since this is a day of Thanksgiving ... I wanted to thank her for her friendship, for always taking care of my daughter, for always helping me with the unexpected things that always seem to arise with my crazy schedule.

I am somewhat nervous though ... I do not think it came out well ... this is really the first time I don't feel confident about my Tres Leches ...we will see when they taste it ... I say THEY, because I really do not eat many desserts ... so I have to let my husband, the girls and my guests be the judges ... Wish me luck!

Well ... my kitchen mishaps did not end there ... I wrote my menu list, as I always do and went through my schedule religiously ... but something went wrong ... I guess I was distracted, in a rush, or tired ... well, maybe all three ... but I inadvertently used cake flour instead of bread flour or plain old and simple flour ... I was following this wonderful Challah recipe in Averie's blog ... I follow her blog daily and when she posted an easy and delicious Challah recipe, well I just could not resist ... well, I guess I should have resisted ... when I realized the mistake I hoped that I could some how make it work. But it didn't it was too runny and too sticky ... even with the addition of flour ... this time the right kind. I do not know how to make many breads, so I had to use the internet to give me the knowledge I lack in the matter ... my readings all kept leading to one conclusion ... the fluffly and airy texture I was dreaming probably wouldn't happen ... I was even unable to do any sort of bread ... but I went on to bake it anyway ...

In the interest of honest blogging, I present to you my rock, hmmm, I mean my Challah! I am sorry Averie ... this is all on me!!

But the day went on ...

It seems as though we were the only ones that ate an early dinner ... Twittersphere and the Instagram Universe were full of content tummies and menu snaps and we had yet to even have lunch ... which was in the form of Brie en Croute ...


Delicious and deliciously gooey ...

This was enough to tide us until dinner was served ... Turkey breast, roasted mashed potatoes, stuffing and salad.

Oh, and a new entry ... make room for the salmon ... I have a new vegetarian in the house!

Four months and still going strong ... no matter where she has gone with her friends she is still keeping up ... my only request to her was that she start slowly ... so dairy, eggs and fish are still part of her diet.

... and now for the grand finale ... the apple pie ... homemade flaky, buttery crust ... I have to say ... the apple pie almost made up for the Challah disaster ... I must admit that I want to try making the Challah again ... I must succeed ... :)


There is something to be said about beauty in food photography ... however sometimes enjoyment of the dish supercedes any other detail ... suddenly the right exposure simply does not sound important anymore ... and I know we eat with our eyes ... but even in this case ... though my pie wasn't really that pretty ... we knew by the wonderful aroma that filled the house that form was second to the yumminess we were about to experience.

I love Thanksgiving ... it was so great to be able to spend it ... it was low key, there was no pressure, there was no need for presents ... it with my wonderful family ... it was just how I envisioned it ... wonderfully together ...

... hope you enjoyed yours ... all my best ... a dopo ... J



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