Sunday, November 11, 2012

... still happy and so proud ...

As mothers we cherish every moment spent with our children. My daughters have been for me a source of constant joy and I feel so proud watching their accomplishments and watching as they create their own paths.
They are such beautiful young ladies, sensitive, caring, and honest.
It is wonderful to feel that the emptiness that was created by my oldest not being at home physically is now being filled with a different type of relationship. I feel that we now share a different type of bond. We have always been close, but now the closeness we share is deeper ... talking to her is one of the best parts of my day I never thought I would like Twitter, but I do! Love reading her little tidbits of her day.
One week and she will be home for Thanksgiving ... that is what I am talking about ... I am THANKFUL.
My little one is now a junior, and so very dedicated, as her sister. As you know we ... (yes, I know ... it is not me) ... where was I, oh yes ... we made it to the NC Final Four! I am so very proud of her and her team. I love her teammates as they are a group of wonderful dedicated young ladies.

I am already missing my days being filled with soccer ... I felt so proud I got teary eyed as they sang the national anthem.

Final Four NC State Championships @ Wilson, NC - November 10, 2012 from Jeannette Pantani on Vimeo.
So many parties and fun events were foregone or shortened because of a tournament or a game ... and seeing her efforts being rewarded just felt great. Not all friends at this age understand ... they feel as if she is never around, it must be hard for her ... but seeing her happy on the field makes me extremely happy and with the season they have had ... well, it has made it all worthwhile and the friends that are true to her and proud of the sacrifices she makes, well, I guess those are the ones that will understand.
I have to say I have been slacking in my running ... I read my favorite blogs and wonder sometimes where my energy and dedication have gone. I often find excuses in my work and in anything I can find ... but I have found it before and I am sure I will be able to go back to it.
Of course it always helps when I get wonderful inspiration T-shirts from one of the best Dorothy Beal! Constant source of inspiration!
Send some energy and inspiration my way ... may your week be wonderful! ... a dopo ... J


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