Monday, November 26, 2012

... I think I am going to do it ...

Yes, I think I am. After many trials and tribulations I think I am going to sign up for the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon. I still feel a little uncertain, as Iately I feel I am unable to get back the drive I had before. Either it is my mind that gets in the way, when it is not my mind, it is my body, and when it is not that, it is my job.

I feel as the only thing I can handle are 5Ks, which I enjoy tremendously, especially after they are done. :)

I do not know why I am so afraid. Perhaps of getting slower when I think I should only get faster ... I really don't know why I do this to myself being that the only one I am running against or better said running for is me ... only me.

I have told myself numerous times before that every race can't be a PR ... and I do not know many times I have told myself that not every race can be better than the one before ... it is just not the way it works ... I know this logically, however my competitive nature always gets in the way and any sense of reason disappears.


The Wrightsville Half Marathon Course


The course seems optimal for me ... as it is flat! :) Another amazing positive is that I could visit my daughter in college and that would be an automatic cheerleader :) ... It is also close, so no major prep is needed. AND ... I could actually do a practice run. Then why am I so nervous? I do not know ...

This is the plan I used for my first half-marathon training:, my time was not half bad for a first half, 2:00:16.


It worked perfectly for me and my time schedule. It seemed easy enough to handle.
For my second training I tried the intermediate version: (Training for the Half Marathon that never was ....)
This time around I am probably not going to do the intermediate program, which would be the best program to do in order to increase my speed and diminish my time ... however it seems more intensive during the week with Pace and Tempo runs that I have yet to master.
I may do the Novice 2 program in order to get a different program than when I did not run at all, however what I like about the Novice 1 program is that it is more forgiving during the week, shorter distances are required and with work and winter that is the program that will be better suited for completion.
I do not want to sell myself short, however I do want to feel I am able to complete what is asked of me on a particular day.

I have until Friday to take advantage of the cheaper registration fee. I am almost there ... I do not know ... inside my heart I want to ... I am just wondering if my mind and body are willing and able to take the Half-Marathon plunge again.

I want to make my decision whatever that is before this Friday ... so back to my search I go ... that is all for now ... a dopo ... J



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