Sunday, November 4, 2012

... I am so happy !!!

I am so happy today. We spent the day at Burlington at the quarter finals for the North Carolina State Championships. I am an avid soccer fan ... I do OK when Milan plays ... but when my daughter plays, well that is a whole different story.

I am excited and stressed ... I just think the girls deserve to win ... they have a wonderful team made of incredible girls, talented and lovely. I am so happy ... all the sacrifices my daughter has made ... the sacrifices all the team has made ... it is just wonderful ...

Here are a few of the happy snaps we had after the game ...

One of her closest friend and mine moved to Raleigh ... we were fortunate to have them cheer us on ... (notice the plural used, for some reason I think I should be included in my daughter's soccer team, :) ...)

Oh, and she brought her good friend along ...

Here we are ... a little blurry but extremely happy!

Such a wonderful weekend ... I guess this picture sums it up ... onto the semi-finals we go!

... happily I say ... goodnight ... may you all be happy and marvel and enjoy with your children and loved ones ... a dopo ... J

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