Tuesday, November 13, 2012

... guess where I am ???

On the plane ... I swear I still vividly remember the first time I was able to get a wireless connection on a plane. It still is amazing to me ... but I love being able to still be connected ... with work ... yes, I said it ... and with my girls ... and all from thousands of feet above.

I am my way to Mexico ... it has been a long day as it always is when I go to Mexico. But so far it has been good, except for the fact that they did not have internet access at the airport, which to me seems unreal at this day and age.

Before going to the airport this morning I did something I wanted to ignore for quite some time ... the Thunder Road Half Marathon has been officially deferred. I have not been able to train and the thought of getting injured again, well, lets just say that thought overrides the disappointment I feel towards myself. I feel I could have trained, figured out a way to stay motivated with my business trips and all.

It is just a reality that I had to face ... and I must admit I am still mad at myself for this decision. My boss is still running it ... I do not know why I dislike this race so much ... as you know I deferred it two years ago because of injury. Last year I changed the half to a 5K, and here I go again ... I don't know why I do not want to run this race. I think I will have to run it next year no matter what and be done with it. Done forever with the Charlotte Thunder Road Half ... at least I have 369 days to train. :)

... a dopo ... going surfin' before my $7.00 hour runs out ... J


  1. hahaha...okay, before cellphones were huge i thought it was SO awesome that there were those little phones in planes strapped to the back of seats. i mean i was in awe of the 'technology' that let us call from the air?!?! lol.

    sorry that u haven't had the training u wanted to run that race, BUT don't be too disappointed with urself. find a race u are stoked on running and shoot for that one. always another race. :)

    1. An the airplane phones. I remember those and the hefty bill that came along with them. ;)

      Thank you for your comment. I really wonder if I will ever be able to run another Half, it seems after that one and only half marathon only 5Ks are coming my way. :) ;(