Friday, November 23, 2012

... 'twas the day after Thanksgiving ...

... 'twas the day after Thanksgiving and there was no Black Friday to be had,

instead there was a silent house until 12:30

and that was not half bad! ...

OK, enough of my writing abilities or lack there of! :)

Today I woke up to a beautiful clean house and happy that we had not overeaten ... I am happy to report that we went on a nice run ... just me and the girls and of course Dante ... Dante set out with high spirits pulling me almost to the ground ... however I knew that would not last, so I persevered and yes, he was soon pleading for mommy to stop ... it was my turn then to drag him along.


We were matching and looking ready to go in our beautiful #irunthisbody t-shirts ... I got each t-shirt in our favorite colors, my little one lover all things pink, my oldest with her purple obsession and me ... well, I simply love black ... I follow and admire Dorothy - she inspires any runner, and we all felt it in our brand new t-shirts.


Though I have not had the consistency in my runs that I used to have, I still feel amazed that I can actually run my body. That feels pretty amazing to me.


Today was another good day in the kitchen! The star of the show ... Pumpkin Risotto ... so good ... I still have to attempt the Challah bread recipe ... Yes, my disaster in the kitchen fiasco. :)


I ended the night by going to the movies with my friend Robin and my daughter. We saw Perks of a Wildflower ... my oldest daughter loved the movie. She said it was a tear jerker and I was ready ... though I left my prepared tissues in my house, I was mentally prepared to bring on the waterworks that never really came. I was kind of disappointed by that, I cried while reading the book, so why not during the movie?

It was a good movie, it was, the actors portrayed the characters wells however the book was so much better ... soooooo much better. So much detail and heartfelt moments were left out. I was a little disappointed I must admit.

I am so excited I have two more days at home .... wonderful vacation! A dopo .... J



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