Sunday, October 7, 2012

... Susan Komen 5K ... Race for the Cure ...

So I ran the race for the cure yesterday. My daughter was it with me so I actually was pretty nervous. There were times prior to the start that I asked my self why I was there ... There were times during the race that I thought the slight hills were tough ... AND how everyone seemed to be passing me ... but fortunately it was also then when I remembered why I was running. It was not for a PR, it was not even for me ... It was in celebration of those who have fought this horrible disease ... So I was celebrating their strength. For my father and mother in law, both who fought cancer at one point of their lives and won ... for my friend Robin, for my friend Jules ... Both beautiful and strong women.
Such an ugly picture ... just had to use to it to witness that I was there ... with at least 16.000 others. :)

Random Acts of kindness update ...

#4 Provided my unsolicited but well-received advice ti a motore and a daughter who were buying something I clearly had a better solution to.

#5 Wished a total stranger beautiful rides in her new bike. It was sort of a bike ... I truthfully meant it ... She looked so happy in her shiny new bike ... She seemed to appreciate my well wishes.

I am off to Brazil for work ... busy week ahead ... I always get sad when I have to leave for a business trip on a Sunday.

Wishing you a wonderful week ... a dopo ... J


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