Saturday, April 14, 2012

... errand Saturday ...

I had planned a totally different Saturday ... I was supposed to run the "mountain" today, but instead I ended up doing this:

1. Ordering the corsage and boutonnière for next Saturday's prom ...

- I was upset because my daughter's date ordered a white tux which I hate ... I wish I could write highly dislike here, but I can't because I really, really, really, hate white tuxedos.  It is a good thing that my daughter's date is cute ... hopefully his looks will over shadow his tux choice.

2. Ran to buy ice to take the the school's carnival.

3. Went to order my daughter's graduation invitations ... I did not particularly like the school's invitation so I decided to do my own.

- I chose the invitation you see in front ... I will receive the proof next Friday ... I am running a little behind especially because all her invitations basically need to go out of the country.

Her cousins still have school during her graduation date so we expect a small family gathering, probably even just us on this date ... this is again, one of the drawbacks of having family back home.  No one could just take a trip for the weekend from Italy and back ... :(

4. Went to take pics for a document I have to process next week during my trip.

- Really, really bad pic ... no really, I mean really, really bad pic.

5. Got my haircut.

- Almost 2 inches :( ... :)

6. Went to Michael's for to complete my daughter's surprise:

UNCW Tres Leches Cupcakes.

- They turned out fantastic ... I think these will be my go to cupcake recipe from now on! 

I used my normal whipped cream recipe ... but I do not know it this is the best option ... mostly because I can't thoroughly enjoy my piping bag.  There are some left in the fridge, so we will see how they stood the test of time.

- I decided to buy a sugar sheet instead of fondant to decorate ... I wish I had gone with my original plan rolled fondant ... I just thought I would save some money by doing it this way.

But my daughter loved her cupcakes so I guess it is OK.  I will be making these for a shower ... I may then do the fondant decorations.  

7. Took a quick shower ... day's end and now getting ready to go to dinner to celebrate my daughter's decision ... 

So as you can see ... no run ... but a lot of running ... a dopo ... J


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