Tuesday, April 10, 2012

... can I extend my weekend one more day?

I had two days off work Good Friday and Pasquetta ... (Easter Monday) ... being that I work in an Italian company we recognize this holiday ... :) ... I will not lie this is as beautiful as it is hard.  I will explain ... I love working ... always have and always will ... I love using my mind ... feeling that I can interchange ideas, organize my day ... learn something ... but, sometimes I miss my time ... I do not have much time for myself ... and so this weekend I had two extra days ... and they were wonderful ... packed ... so I am happy, fulfilled and I must admit exhausted ... the extra time was wonderful, but it makes it tough to  go back ... I know once I am at my desk things will get better.

Brief Recap:

Friday: Run in Morrow Mountain in a beautiful day ... spending time with my family in a beautiful setting ... having both my girls back from school trips and spring break ... spending time watching movies in bed ... what could be better.

My legs felt the hills.

Saturday: My day started with my first cycling class with my daughter ... there is nothing better than spending time with my girls.  Then the day continued with an 8 mile run ... it was a good thing ... since there was dinner and a movie afterwards ... what could be better.

My legs felt the bike and the hills.

Sunday: I took a rest day and stayed in bed until late with my daughter, my little one was sleeping, and the Mr. went out in his bike.  We went to Church, lunch and then I went to the kitchen.  A delicious dinner and time with family ... what could be better.

My legs were happy they were not feeling anything.

Monday: Woke up early for a run ... short run ... good run ... sunny and windy beautiful. Frosted 24 cupcakes for the soup kitchen ... volunteered in the soup kitchen ... always a fun time ... then went shopping ... spent too much, but felt so good! ... went to Zumba and Group Power with my daughter ... ate a late but delicious dinner ... what could be better.

My body (legs included) were feeling the run, the zumba, and the group power ... oh and my wallet was in pain too!)

So here I am on a Monday morning while I should be running to get ready ... sharing my weekend with you ... it was a beautiful time with family ... I love my job ... I do ... I just want to spend some more time with my family and have some more me time ...

Here is yesterday in pics ... have a wonderful week ... a dopo ... J

The cupcake assembly line:

Soup Kitchen's Menu: Chili ... 

Zumba ...

Group Power

As you know Easter Baskets are not in our tradition ... and Nana complained ... so I caved and got a belated Easter basket for us during our shopping trip ... truffles and chocolate covered strawberries ...  the rest of the shopping trip will remain hidden ... it is a strategy ... maybe the total decreases by not having photo evidence?  :)

Dinner - 

That is all for now ... now I really have to run!  Have a great day!

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