Tuesday, February 7, 2012

... Dante Training take 163 ...

OK, so it is really not his 163rd attempt at training ... but we have never been past his third day of training on the 2 or 3 times we have officially tried ... so here we are trying one more time ... let's just say it went just OK ... he ran/walked 1.4 miles in 20:21 minutes and his pace is 14:55 min/mi ... not one of his best days ... :)

I really need to get serious with his training, if I really want to run the 5K with him.

Here is my second attempt at the all manual picture for my class ... one of my favorite junk foods ... Jalapeno Chips ... tried to make them my subject for my photo instead of them ending as my treat ... I must admit I was only part successful in resisting the salty/junk food cravings!

Time to go off to bed to see if I can finally get some productivity in my day tomorrow ... I had promised myself that I would at least run one day a week before work ... the way I am feeling right now ... I am not that convinced anymore!

The plan is to do as follows:

Mon - Rest
Tue - Dante's training
Wed - My run
Thu - Dante's training
Fri - My run
Sat - Dante's run - Yoga
Sun - My long run

Does this make any sense?

... hmmm ... I wonder ... a dopo ... J


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