Friday, January 20, 2012

... I am back! :) ...

It has been a while ... but I am finally back ... work has been crazy ... extremely busy ... late nights at work ... dinner meetings ... I tried to get back to my blog after work ... but I usually ended up falling asleep computer by my side ... 

So, I am back ... I miss my daily recap ... and I miss taking pictures ... my Photo a Day Challenge ... hmmm ... fail ... but I will at least try to catch up this weekend ...

Lets see ... I need to complete tasks 13 - 21 ...


On January 14, 1994 my daughter was born ... she is now 18 years old and a beautiful young lady ... a kind hearted, sincere, compassionate girl ... my pride and joy ...

This year on her birthday ... she had a cheerleading competition ... so the festivities had to wait until later on that day ... The cheerleading competition was an hour and a half away so the day started pretty early ...

She was a bundles of nerves ... but that was not noticeable at all, as they did great and won first place ... coming from a small school, it is amazing what they have been able to accomplish.

A few pics of the event.

Tittina cheering on her sister!
With the trophy ...

*** Birthday Dinner ***

After lunch and a mad rush to buy everything needed for her birthday celebration on Sunday we went out to dinner ... just the four of us to celebrate a milestone in my daughter's life and mine ...

The pictures above were taken at Enso's at Charlotte's Epicenter.  It was a lovely evening ... with my 18 year old girl! 



Since the kids did not have school on Monday, we decided to have a dinner at our house ... something small and intimate on Sunday.  We were 16  or 18 total ... 

I worked all day to complete the following menu items:

1 - Brie en Croute
2 - Red Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese
3 - Shrimp Cocktail with two sauces - cocktail and pink sauce (do not have the real name).
4 - Bruschetta
5 - Salad
6 - Pasta with Ragu'
7 - Pasta with Cream Sauce
8 - Yogurt
9 - Cupcakes

I was running back and forth during dinner ... so very few good pictures remain :( 

The table ... we opted for Tiffany Blue ... I swear it looked so much better than it seems ..

My friend Christa convinced me to use disposable plates ... not my style for I like real silverware and plates ... I have to admit cleanup was sooo easy!

The toppings for the frozen yogurt!

Cupcake Cake!

The desert table!

I was unable to do the blue like I had practiced and my frosting techniques still need to improve, but my daughter was pleased! 18 candles!

... and so another birthday came and went ... happy birthday to my beautiful Nana! ... a dopo ... J


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