Friday, January 27, 2012

... I am all caught up ... and now I have to run!

I am all caught up ... Yes!

So ... and for the remaining items on the list in order for me to be all caught up with day 27 is ...

Photo Challenge - Day 15 - Happiness

Being with my girls brings me happiness every day ... with the ups and the downs ... the scolding and the messy rooms ... my life is complete with them by my side ... I am so proud to see the beautiful young ladies that they have become ... so responsible ... so beautiful ... so amazing ...

 ... and that young "man" right here ... well, he brings me happiness too!

Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Morning

I am trying to have breakfast everyday ... I remember my mom saying to me when I was a little girl ... "eat, ANYTHING, just please have breakfast!"  I could in fact eat anything I wanted, but truthfully I did not want anything. I just could not wake up and eat ... as much as I LOVE eating I just can't eat early in the morning.  Also, when I don't breakfast, I pretty much feel like I do not have to eat anything all day ... well, anything during the work day ... when I have breakfast I feel hungry all day ... when I was younger this unstructured eating seemed to work with me ... plenty of energy all day regardless and go-go-go at work ... well, this was fine before ... but now my body does not seem to be agreeing with this eating structure any longer ... (I know it was not a good one, it just happened with rushing and work) ...  but don't be fooled ... this smoothie is not for me ... it is for my Nana ... she is trying to eat healthy and I am helping her ... so today it was yogurt and strawberries ... no bananas this morning ... as for me ... now that I profess to be a little "wiser", I am trying to eat breakfast and lunch while at work .. so I have cereal a little after I get to work, which is actually the time when I do start get hungry ... and TRY to have lunch ... 

It brings me happiness to be able to make this smoothie, why?  Because it means that I am at home while the girls are getting ready to go to school ...  it means I get to see my girls in the morning ... (so this pic actually works for day 16 AND day 15!)

I used to be at work very early. Being that I work 50 KM (36 miles) from my office ... I used to leave at the crack of dawn ... actually just sneaking a kiss to my beautiful girls ... until I just had enough ... I realized not being able to have some type of morning with my girls made me very sad ... and being that I often work late hours and skip lunch ... I believe that I work than my share of hours and make up for the 15 or 30 minute late arrival.

Starting my day late is sooo worth it ... I have an amazing boss that has silently :) accepted my "new and improved" starting schedule. (As I try to sneak in the office without being noticed ... :) ... not really!) 

I feel I am happier when I arrive to the office ... I feel that I it brings me much joy to hear the girls getting ready, making a smoothie for them ... telling them how pretty they look or laugh at some of the wardrobe choices on dress down days when there is no uniform involved.  It makes me happy that I can hear my little one grace us with her "beautiful" voice as she belts out songs ... in a very interesting way ... yes, yes, she gets that from me.

It ESPECIALLY makes me happy to know that when Turchese goes off to college, I was there in the morning, during this special year ... even if we are just getting ready ... I am there ... making a less than perfect smoothie that she will promptly compliment ... and my morning and my day will be complete.

... no I am off to pack ... and as usual ... I am running late! ... a dopo ... J


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