Wednesday, January 25, 2012

... 9 to go ... and the list keeps on growing ...

I have a famous ... yes, I said famous No Scroll Theory ... this theory states that for my sanity I must have enough emails in my Outlook inbox to allow me NOT to scroll down the viewing pane ... that is right ... this is probably another one of those little somethings I have that my doctor mentioned as factors that put me in the borderline obsessive compulsive disorder category.

The truth is that I like my borderline obsessive compulsive like qualities ... because I can function ... and please do not take this the wrong way ... I don't mean to be disrespectful towards the illness ... I really am just saying that my semi-obsessive qualities make me function in a way that I like to function ... these qualities make me feel that I am in somewhat in control of the things I need to accomplish ...

Let's see ... I had a point to this story ... oh yes ... I am back to my no scroll email situation, signifying that I really finally feel caught up ... at least as much as one can be caught up at work ... and this actually makes me feel extremely happy ... I thrive when I have my to do's under control ... on the other hand ... I am still working a lot ... so not much time is available for pictures and blogging ... both which I miss ... I still do my regular reading on other blogs it is mine that has been somewhat neglected.

I will be at a show in Vancouver next week so I do not know how my blog will look like in the coming days ...  

In regards to the photo challenge ... I am still very behind ... I did manage to snap pics of two of my guilty pleasures ... frozen yogurt with mango and mochi and Jalapeno Potato Chips ... hmmm ... I am supposed to be on a diet!  

15. Happiness
16. Morning
17. Water
18. Something you bought
19. Sweet
20. Someone you love
21. Reflection
23. Something old
24. Guilty Pleasure
25. Something you made (I really am not creative with my own hands ... this one is going to be tough!)

Photo Challenge - Day 24 - Guilty Pleasure 

Best Frozen Yogurt Combination - Frozen Yogurt, Mango and Mochi

Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips ... worth every crunch!

Back to some reading ... and hopefully a few shots before the day is done ... a dopo ... J


  1. love the no scroll theory!!

    and mango...a huge fan of it.

    I have a mango recipe coming up that I just photographed today..and if you like mango, I think you'll dig it!

    1. Can't wait to see the recipe ... I am digging the Citrus Sweet Potatoes!

  2. Haha, love the no scroll theory :-) And I always get mangoes on my froyo! Hope things calm down for you soon.