Sunday, December 25, 2011

... a truly beautiful Christmas ...

I am so at peace and happy ... I had such a wonderful Christmas at home ... with my family ... just us 4 plus pup ... and though I miss my family ... I cannot think of a better Christmas ... I got time to be with my girls ... be fancy and be comfy ... be together ... it has just been amazing and I am thankful ... so very thankful.

This Christmas we decided to help out at the New Outreach Christian Center with Pastor Stevenson who offers a Christmas Breakfast, Groceries, Ham, Clothing and Toys ... and so with a group of volunteers and the Pastor's family my girls and I ... woke up bright and early and gave a hand.  That is the meaning of true Christmas ... it is amazing to see the operation this organization has established ... and it is incredibly sad to think that so many people need it.

Back at home we relaxed ... I organized my room ... and got to cooking ... since I knew of the early rise this morning I did the broth yesterday ... I also knew however that I would not be able to make Cappelletti ... I love making homemade pasta, but I am the slowest pasta maker around!!!  Sooo ... with little time at my disposal, I had to choose another traditional dish from the Emilia Romagna ... Nonna's recipe of course.

Excuse the incorrect spoon - knife placement ... did not check the girls!

Passatelli ... this is an extremely easy and delicious dish made with authentic Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs, and bread crumbs.

The girls and Mr. ... semplicemente ... j ... had two servings each ... Mamma was happy!

I also had round II of the blinis, this time with Manu's recipe ... I did not use buckwheat because I neglected to pick it up at the store ... and was a little brief on the rising time ... so maybe not perfect ... but I had to speed up the time as my crew was hungry ... :)

I made a White Sangria yesterday that we did not get to ... so today, we enjoyed it ...

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

... a dopo ... J


  1. All of your eats look delicious! Love the picture with the Christmas tree in the background!! :)

  2. @Amanda

    It was so much fun preparing everything ... Happy Holidays!