Thursday, December 1, 2011

... so many things to do ... so little time ...

Where has the time gone ???  I have many projects and to-do's (I am talking personal things right now ... don't even want to get into my office to-do's)

Let's see, my list goes something like this:

1. Decorate house for Christmas ... in my household we have never decorated until Dec sometime before the 16th, not anywhere close to Thanksgiving ... so I am OK with this timeframe but I better start thinking about it.  I have increasingly not been fond of Christmas ... I know ... sad thing to say but it is true.  I do not know if it is the commercial side of things that just took the magic out ... presents and all, except for the family time and good eats, this I adore!

Tittina has stated that since moving to the US 4 years ago I always forego the decorations because we never stay at home for the holidays.  This is true ... she is so cute, as she told me ... "I love that we are able to spend the holidays with our family in Italy or Colombia or in another part of the world but I would love to be able to have our house decorated for the holidays.  Harsh reality to hear ... Titti ... I am sorry.  This year we are skipping any trips and staying at home for Christmas ... just the 4 of us ... and a semi-decorated house ... "semi" because I have never gone crazy in any holiday.  Last Christmas with my Nana actually living at home, I thought it would be special to be AT home.

I wanted to get a new chubby artificial tree, my current one is skinny, my husband has stated it may be best to give our current tree one more year ... we will see.

2. Start on my secret project - I can't say much now ... but it is going to be GOOD ... ETC (estimated time of completion ... June, July or August 2012)

3.  Start training Dante ... hopefully Tittina will help me with this endeavor.

4. Clean Tittina's room ... only messy room in the HOUSE!  Help!

5. Read read read

6. Cook cook cook

I better stop now ... need to start working on my office to-do's.

Have a great day and excuse this picture-less post!

Buona giornata ... a dopo ... J


  1. Hello J,
    I think when the cold weather comes we want to hibernate just like the bears, but this passess thankfully.
    It is easy this time of year to feel over whelmed, we put so much pressure on ourselves. I love Chrismas and my children as well, the decoraing, the food and the love and peace.. I cannot wait to see your pics of the upcoming months food I know they will be spectacular. It will all work out, it seems to me you already has a good start, the lst!
    Enjoy, Brenda

  2. @Brenda

    :) I definitely feel like hibernating! HELP!

    Thank you for stopping by Brenda !