Saturday, October 1, 2011

... recap of my day ...

My day started with my all-time favorite menu ... muenster cheese and grapes!!

I always compare my love and excitement over SEEDLESS grapes and muenster cheese as what I think chocolate lovers feel over chocolate ... I swear ... I am not kidding ... that is really how I feel.  If I have muenster cheese and grapes in the fridge I go to bed dreaming of breakfast and I am not a breakfast kind of girl ... I would be if I could eat muenster cheese and grapes everyday, because I believe me I am not able to control my portion sizes when it comes to this glorious combination.

If you are a regular reader, (haha ... I added this to make me feel good about my stats... sounds important ...), as I was saying dear 5 - 6 readers ... as you know I am horrible when it comes to the work week lunches ...  often skipped or eaten at my desk ... today however I "auto-invited" myself when I saw some friends/co-workers going out ... it was such a wonderful day ... that when I saw them, it just seemed to good an opportunity to be out of the office and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful temps.

We decided to go to the Wine Room, no there was no wine involved as it was lunch time during the middle of the work day ... but it sure included fun conversation!

Since hunger was not the motive of my outing, I decided to order a lettuce wedge, blue cheese, tomato and bacon salad.


My job takes me out of the country often, but really my job entails a LOT of work, but mostly in my office or inside buildings ... I really miss being able to be out enjoying the city at least once in a while ... this is why it was wonderful to know that I had to run some errands for work that would take me outside my office walls, very beautiful walls, (I am fortunate to work in an amazing office building), but walls nonetheless.

I had to search for a Brazilian group, club or association where I could post a job posting ... since our target is to find someone that speaks Portuguese, probably an easy task for places like Florida, but not Charlotte.  Yeah ... being outside on a sunny day, speaking in Portuguese ... love ... and eating a yummy Pão de Queijo ... priceless!

First Stop ... Coisas do Brasil

My purchase for later .... semi-homemade ... :)

A second stop at Supermercado Brasileiro and the Brasliam Bakery ... led to this purchase a yummy fresh and tasty Pão de Queijo!

I have a month left for my bday, and every year I try to put in motion my get fit before my bday quest ... so I decided to go to Yoga - 108 Sun Salutation Class, a yearly event happened to be offered ... this is a very rewarding yet very challenging class.  I am OK during most of the class until we reach the last 27 ... I had to leave a meditative state to push myself to finish, as I was so close to the goal ... I have to say that my last 10 salutations were everything BUT pretty, but they were completed ... and now the feeling that was left behind lingers still today.

I wish to be strong and I wish for my mind to be disciplined, yet flexible, my heart open to kindness, and my body to be fit ... in this my birthday month ... that is what I wish for.

So what do you wish for today?  

... a dopo ... J


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