Thursday, September 29, 2011

... undressed hamburger for dinner ...

That is right!  We had undressed hamburger for dinner ... this time I remembered to take a picture ... OK, not a very impressive dinner, but it was super LATE and the kids were starving, the hubby was starving and I was starving.  

Undressed Hamburger!

We are trying to eat better portions and trying to lose a few pounds, OK, me, NOT, the girls but they have to suffer with me  :) ... it is just TOO hard to eat only salad and a protein, if there is a yummy pasta or wonderful rice or velvety risotto around me ... so for a little while they are accompanying me in my journey ... they have their normal breakfast and lunch ... and then they have what ever I am having for dinner.  Fair, right? OK, maybe not too much!

I am so relieved that my daughter is done with her college applications ... my pocketbook is happy and a little deflated :) ... but Mamma is so relieved, happy, but mostly proud ... proud to have such a beautiful daughter that makes me proud every day, (three prouds in a row, I must be really PROUD, oops make that four!) ... with all my business travels ... I feel blessed that she has always been so responsible, so independent ... 

I have never had to worry about her and her schoolwork, she takes care of it ... always!

CAUTION: Proud Mamma Moment Ahead (Enter at your Own Risk)

My daughter just got nominated by her school to be the Morehead-Cain Merit Scholarship recipient.  I am so very, yes ... here it comes again, PROUD, of her ... it would be wonderful if she would receive it ... a wonderful culmination to all her hard work ... it is still aways away, but the fact that she got nominated is such an accomplishment!

Now the waiting game begins ... it is so hard for me ... can't imagine what she is going through ... this has been a hard year for them ... full of homework for both my daughters ... and with all the activities that they are involved in ... it is incredible what they are able to fit in a day.

Next week the girls are on Fall Break.  They go to a year round school, so they have been in school since the end of July ... they are so ready for a break.  They are lucky enough to be going on a Spanish Club/Community Service Trip/Cruise to Mexico, during the break.  I am very excited for them ... and I am relieved that her friend's mom is going to chaperone ... I am happy, yet nervous at the same time ... why can't I have a Fall Break too?  I will have to talk to my boss about that!  I miss my month vacation that we were awarded in Italy ... we were not able to take them together and yes, one week was Ferragosto, so everyone had to take that week regardless, but we had four weeks nonetheless.

My eyes are closing ... a domani ... J

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  1. That burger looks great! Good luck to you and your daughter!! College application time is so stressful and exciting and nerve wracking all at once! It sounds like your daughter will be very successful, it's great that she is so responsible and independent! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :-)