Sunday, September 11, 2011

... no posts ... no followers ...

The title seems quite obvious I know ... my week was full of 15 - 16 hour days ... yes, entertaining included ... yet, work nonetheless.  Interesting and fun, certainly ... however, after the last week I had ... I was just not able to blog.  

I was excited as I saw my stats show that more people were reading my entries. Now I am back to a very low number of readers.  I know for me it is cathartic to write, but I won't lie, it is kind of nice to know that someone else may find your entries a worthwhile read.


I have an exciting plan for the day.  Nana was approached by a college who wants to get to know her personally, so we have breakfast at Starbucks with the college rep.

Then hopefully I will be able to buy all the ingredients to try to do my focaccia ... haven't done it in a while ... and truthfully, I have not been too successful at it.  I guess I keep expecting mine to taste like the ones we used to buy in Genova ... which would be practically impossible.  Nonetheless, I would love to try it again!

We have a soccer game at 3:00 ... yesterday was our first loss ... it was a hard game with rough play.  Tittina, was just so fed up with a certain #9 pushing her bull style, definitely not allowed in soccer, but nevertheless not called by the ref.  She is tough cookie, my little one.

I really, really, need to pack. I know it is not my style to pack early, but this time I am going to try!  :)

I am leaving on Tuesday again, straight from work, and I have customers from Brazil ... so there will be entertaining involved as well.    I am leaving from Tue - Fri and then again the week after that from Tue - Fri, I anticipate my readership numbers to fall again. :(



On the menu:

- Arroz con Coco
- Fried Plantains 
- Baked Chicken

Result: Pure "deliciousness"!

Arroz con Coco, Fried Plantains and Baked Chicken

Time to get ready ... college info time!

A dopo ... J


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