Saturday, November 1, 2014

... playing catch up again ... AGAIN! Sorry! ...

As the year draws to an end, I am excited to look back at this year and what I have done in terms of my running ... 12 races ... one a month ... a goal that I have exceeded ... I believe I am at race #27 ... 500 miles ... again here I have exceeded this goal ... I am close to 750 ... I believe ... I won't be able to reach 1000 ... but I am happy nonetheless.

I am a runner who runs in black ... so my friend Kendra always insists on adding some color when we run together. Therefore once again I was given the lime green compression socks!
The below is from the Brixx 10K and 5K ... probably the worse race of my life ... not the time was extremely terrible ... it just wasn't my day. We arrived early and my friend as always wanted to visit the port-a-potty ... I am very anal on my race day schedule. I start close to the start line and I am always early. My friend's trip to the potty threw everything off ... I had her keys and her water ... I waited ... and waited and the runners were off.

We started in a somewhat disorganized race after basically in the end of the race and had to weave through the crowds. It was very hard and I felt anxious and frustrated. My friend went up to the sidewalk and was able to pull ahead ... as it is something that I normally don't do ... I just became increasingly unhappy ... the water stations were not on point and with the humidity at 98% this should have been first priority. I felt it was not my day from the get go ... After crossing the line, I turned to my friends and said I was just not going to run the 5K. Somehow I rested and drank much needed fluids and felt ready to tackle the 5K, which we did ... BUT ... the start time was 15 minutes before we thought .... as we sped to the start we saw that they were picking up the pad .... My friend simply did not feel it was worth the run .... I decided to run it even though I knew I was only going to get a time elapsed and not a chip time. I am still bothered about that!

The above pic was at the end of both races ... it was a hot, hot, humid day ... and even though it was a hard race and my performance was less than stellar ... there is nothing like running ... and I am grateful everyday that I can run ...

I have had a pretty consistent year ... I have run more and more and am so happy to be able to share time with my running friends ... Meeting after the running my miles in the Sunday Long Run is becoming part of my weekend ritual!

I was afraid of how I would run after the horrible 10K and 5K I had ... I had already signed up for the Lungstrong 15K. What a race! Such a beautiful course ... difficult, but beautiful. I didn't get a PR, but I run strong which is what I needed to get my confidence back after the Brixx.

Feeling happy ... and ready to tackle the park with my Dante!

I started running the Komen 5K in honour of my friend Julie ... unfortunately this year it is in her memory ... It was a very emotional start ... very ... it took me by surprise ... It was a beautiful day and I achieved a 5K PR .... I swear it was Julie who was helping me out ...

I am starting to really love Charlotte ... truly ... I am starting to feel truly happy ...

After the Komen I went to my club's Relay Event ... total for the day 26.2 miles! Yes ... they were no consecutive miles, but I did it! I actually really enjoyed the relay and except for the last 3 mile loop, my times were not bad!

The day after the relay I volunteered at the first Run and Ride at Carowinds Amusement Park. It was a small race ... and all the runners seemed to enjoy it. I love volunteering, however I actually really wanted to be running it! With a first race that small ... I could have placed!! :)

Very pretty medals were given out and warm bagels and cream cheese at the finish line!

My girls came to visit ... which actually means there is a lot of eating involved.

... and tea in the terrace ...

... there is still time to be made for running ...

Though I always try to be healthy, my friends know what to do to pick me up!

... busy week with dinners at work ... nice perk!

Time for another race with Kendra ... We raced the hilly Ath Half ... I actually felt nervous as we drove the course the day before ... I had no strategy ... Again ... I need to train on hills!!! It was a beautiful course and got a PR! I am liking this PR thing!

Signed up last minute for the Runway 5K ... another PR! Can I keep it going? It is so easy to get caught up in the PR web, however it is so great to see your training yield results!

... and yes that is me ... only one in summer clothing!
After the race I joined the group I am mentoring ... we ran 7miles and it felt great!

... and then a few days after while running with Dante ... this happened ... ouch ... need to start running with my flashlight again!

I got this beautiful surprise on my birthday ... Hand painted canvases from my daughter ... touched my heart ... I received beautiful words from both my daughters ... I feel honoured to receive them!

Then went out to a dinner celebration ...

We delayed the Long Run with the Group until tomorrow as it is rainy and so windy ... so I took Dante for a long walk instead! I was bundled up and felt great!

... now it is time to rest ... on a chilly Saturday ... a dopo ... J

Sunday, September 28, 2014

... playing catch up, with few words and some pics ...

Haven't been here in a while ... Life has been busy. Thankfully Instagram is here to save the day, making my catch up posts much easier.

Last post was me leaving my baby in college. Life without both my girls is terribly silent. Silence is what I have without them, not a normal silence, but an empty silence. I miss them!

My faithful pup!

Chiropractic visits!

Tradeshow running.

Shopping cart accident. I still have a bump in my leg. Hurt so bad!

Reuniting with the pup after tradeshow in Mexico!

Took the train in Chicago ... thought it would be a nice thing to experience. Total scary fail!... We ended in going back to a non-sketchy station stop and called a taxi! Thankfully!

Chicago Half with the girls. Half number 1, 2, and 6 for the family!

Too much eating in Chicago!

Hit the Brixx 10K and 5K! Hated the 10K. It was miserably humid. The start was too crowded. Water not in correct intervals. Disorganized. Missed the 5K start. No chip time, just clock time. :(. Temp for the 5K was so much better. My friend gave me sleeves to add color to my always black outfits. I wanted to rip them off, halfway! Not doing that again!


Personal Massage therapist!

Finally joined the Sunday Long Run Crew! So fun!

Lungstrong 5K! Great course. Hilly, but beautiful. Did OK for not running for the past two weeks!

Happy finisher!

Playtime with the pup!

Seems that more and more my (albeit not frequent) posts deal less and less with food. Note to self ... change blog graphic! Somehow my peppers are becoming less relevant. (I love the Italian flag colors though).

Hope you enjoyed the catch-up! A dopo ... J


Saturday, August 23, 2014

... and so she grew up ...

One of the most important events of my life lately was dropping off my youngest in college. Yes, I look at her in disbelief, (it does not help that she does not look her age and is so cute that you just want to take care of her!)


We just had a lovely weekend the three of us ... her sister is not pictured as she did not approve her photo to be published ... :)

We had a good cry, before leaving her sister's apartment for the last load of things for her dorm room, but all in all I have been OK. The same thing happened when I left her sister ... I cried, but not terribly until one day about one month after where I just cried for what seemed 24 hours straight.

Oh, how I miss them though ... I have my Dante by my side and he sure keeps me entertained, but ... the house is just so quiet without my girls ... I hate that ... but, it's also life ... and I know it ...


Here is my co-pilot ... he was acting brave and rode in the front seat of the cargo van for the whole three hours back home ... he was so proud of himself ... he is now back to the backseat of the car.

Running -

He is always waiting for my return -


In terms of my running ... my miles are going strong ... I will probably hit 500 this month, which was my goal for the year ... I thought I would be able to shoot for 1000 miles after upping my mileage, but I think that would be a little too aggressive of a goal and I do not want to get hurt!

I am just happy I met my goal 4 months early ... I think I could get close 900 and next year maybe I can shoot for the 1000 mark!

Speaking of ... I have had a little pain in my arches so I'm going to the chiropractor ... seems to stem from my hips ... we will see ... feeling better already.

Volunteering -

I love this picture as it portrays my duties on my Ronald McDonald volunteering shift ... I actually think it is a cute picture!

Races -

I ran the SLR (Sunday Long Run) Unsanctioned Half ... a group of us got lost and recuperated miles along a HILL no less, but still came up short ... thankfully even though it was a timed race it was more like a fun race among runners so I didn't feel that bad as no one was really looking at their race placement.


Today I paced for the first time ever in the OrthoCarolina 10K ... What a beautiful course. I think I want to run again on my own because it was just tha beautiful.

I was pacing Lamarr and Giovanni ran with us ... I felt nervous ... I have to say that pacing a race is difficult. I just felt I was not good enough! (Although, I secretly hope I was!)

I ran for ... a wonderful non-profit organization that "encourages the homeless to rediscover the power of teamwork, discipline, confiddence and respect for each other one stride at a time." I encourage you to check them out. What an inspiring organization.

I really need improve my running hair styling capabilities ... argh! The pic below is a little better as I did my own little "ice" bucket challenge at the aid station which seemed to help my hairdo!

What a fun day ... It always is when volunteering and running are involved!

... now off to pack ... Mexico City here I come ... (work) ... a dopo ... J