Tuesday, July 21, 2015

... Week 7 Running Recap ...

I can't believe I'm one-third into my training. I am happy to report, though not perfect my Achilles has had some good days!

In my quest to get stronger I am trying different workouts ... this week it was a Stadium Stair Workout - hot day and hard workout result in one very tired runner ... I'm so glad I ventured into something I almost backed out in doing. I many times am afraid I will hold someone back or will not be up to par. Then I remember that all my running friends are gracious and wonderful and I don't know why I even doubt their support.

Recap of the Week -

Monday - Stadium Stair Workout - 2m

I felt truly happy to be able to have "connections" to enter this beautiful stadium. It was empty and grand!

Tuesday - 4 m

Wednesday - 7.47 m - good run with Kathleen, except the speedy start as usual

Thursday - 4.31 m

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 14 m - 10.5 m Mill Stone Trail Race - and 4 extra m - It was hot and humid ... Thankfully I carried my Orangemud HydraQuiver Vest ... my new favorite hydration vest.

Sunday - 7 m - wow ... I was so tired ... I was so happy when it was over ... my legs had given me all they had.
It was a great running week probably my highest mileage to date!
Hope you have a great running week too!
... a dopo ... J


Sunday, July 12, 2015

... Week 6 Running Recap ...

Something wonderful happened this week ... something that is understood by all runners the best ... I ran virtually pain free!

I sometimes feel that running is one of the hardest sports ... I feel that there is a chance for injury in all sports, there are good days and bad days, but to me running is a true rollercoaster more so than other sports.

I have always been pretty active and in all the sports or activities I have practiced, things always seemed to get better. I mastered another move or it generally just felt easier ... not the case with running. A pace never seems a pace gained ... and there is pain ... in my case it's my Achilles.

I have gone to the chiropractor, to the acupuncturist and have done all I think I can hoping to find the solution ... even reaching the point of tears of frustration.

Out of sheer despair, I decided to stop the acupuncturist and the chiropractor for a while. Very much to my surprise my pain has dimished significantly ... enough to do a 6 mile tempo run with almost no pain. I am smiling as I write this ... there still is pain, however just knowing that something is improving makes me feel relief.

So here is the recap of the week - the highlight being the above described!

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - 4.08 m

Wednesday - 9.57 m - tried to warm up before our usual 6 m run with Kathleen and Rebecca. I was happy with these very early miles.

Thursday - Rest day

Friday - 3.38 m

Saturday - 3.00 m - ran a 6.45 mile when I realized I was late ... I guess I should run and need to be late more often! :)

Sunday - SLR - 11.47 - ran a great 6 m without pain. I stopped at 6 to wait for my usual running buddies ... I made a mistake and hung out for a little too long of a break ... my body tightened up and I had to stop short of 12 as my body/posture was not at its best. I am trying to listen to my body.

Things I did -

Book Club - great night with friends ... I did not read the book ... good thing that there was not much book discussion ... I plan to be on top of it for our next meeting ... (I hope!)


Ate Arepa con Carne Mechada ... Dante is a strict vegetarian and he was NOT happy about it!


Out with friends - Going to bed late before my long run was probably not the best idea ... but it was a fun night out!


Long run = hunger - Made pizza ... yum!

That is all for now ... a dopo ... J


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

... Week 5 Running Recap ...

It's hard to believe that this is week 5 of training. I must be honest I don't feel in training so obviously I am not training hard enough. I don't want to seem as I am playing the victim, however my Achilles pain is really taking a toll on me. I have been dealing woth some sort of issue I believe since last summer, so basically one whole year. I have gone to the Chiropracter, been semi-diligent with my exercises, I have gone to the acupunturist, aside from the relaxation, I do not think it is playing a significant role in my recovery or lack of it. I have now decided to take a break from both these treatments and just tke the time to rest and go back to deep tissue massages, Obviously, I am not stretching enough and thinking back I realize that the few times that I have felt true relief is when I have received a semi-painful and absolutely wonderful massage.

I had the recommendation of a friend I trust and while I love the anticipation of the massage with Adrienne, I need to deal with not being able to see her until mid-July.

I'm also going back to icing, something I have never been truly diligent with.

I will keep you posted.

And now for the weeks recap -

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 4.19 m

Wednesday - 4.07 m

Thursday - 5.03 m

Friday - Rest (There was an evening race that I'm still kicking myself for not doing) I wanted to rest in order to do well in July 4th's race ... :( Still sad about this one. the medal was really pretty and Independance Day oriented .. maybe next year. Trying to channel my yogic ways and release this feeling ... hmmm ... not totally succesful yet.

Saturday - 5.10 m - I ran my first race in 2010, so this is my running anniversary ... it was organized by the same organization - Run for Your Life and it was also a 4 miler. So I celebrate my running and my progress here.

I wanted a PR, but that did not happen. I had a good race, however I normally have to slow myself down during the first mile ... this did not happen. I am hoping that through loosing the weight that has found its way to me and healing I can find light legs and some more speed.

I remember not knowing anything about running in 2010. I remember being nervous. I also remember and celebrate what I have learned through injury and through time.

Sunday - 12.17 m with the SLR crew - we were all very excited that our group did so well in Saturday's race. We took home 7 prizes altogether ... it was a proud day for the group.

Dante and I celebrated a lowkey 4th!

That's all for now ... a dopo ... J

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

... Week 4 Running Recap ...

I'm really trying to take my rest days and my rest days before races. It's not always easy, but I'm trumping to get rid of my pain.

Monday - Rest day.

Tuesday - 3.52 Track workout. 2 x 400s. Loved the track and it's 1.3 miles from my house. Perfect for warm up and cool down miles.

Wednesday - 6.22 with my running group. Felt hard until the last mile and the last very hard hill ... was strong and ran it hard. Loved it!

Thursday - 3.22 negative split run. My Achilles was really hurting during the first mile.

Friday - Rest day.

Saturday - Moonlight Bootlegger 5K - night trail race with friends. I really was about to back down. I was tired from cleaning all day and it was raining. I just wanted to curl up in bed. I'm so glad I didn't. I ran with my friends Nicole and Tom. We ran together laughing and talking all the way and then enjoyed some legal moonshine. OK, I had two sips ... but I tried it!

It was a very fun night. My heart felt happy and complete!


Sunday - 12.14 with the Sunday Long Run - SLR - the last mile was tough, by getting together with the group after the run ... just like MasterCard ... priceless ...

What is going on - My Achilles is still hurting. I am thinking of either changing my Chiropractor or just not going for a few weeks. I've spent a lot of money and feel no relief.

Acupuncture - I enjoy it, however it's not the magic that I was expecting. My pain is still there.

Other tidbits -

I enjoy running trails. Still saying it at a low volume, as I'm afraid I will actually here myself saying it!

My Achilles hurts ... I'm frustrated!

Still loving my shoes, my Hoka Clifton's, and my Pearl Izumi's N2 are unreal!

... 'til next time ... a dopo ... J

... quinoa pizza crust ...

Can't say this was a complete fail, nor can I say it was a complete success. I think my main problem was spreading the batter too thin. It was actually better the expected, but there is just something within me that wants things the way they were meant to be.


... that's all for now ... a dopo ... J