Tuesday, May 12, 2015

... Mother's Day 5K ...

I signed up for this 5K, because proceeds went to RunningWorks. I knew that my legs were tired from the trail Half ... sure enough ... they were!

I did win 2nd Masters and 1st AG, (perks of a smaller race), oh and I also got 2nd place AG in the Half I ran yesterday ... that caught me you surprise.

I loved the bibs for the race and ran in honour of my Mom! The course was really pretty ... It was hilly, but it had downhills to compensate ... This time around I had no speed left in my legs!

We celebrated with the RunningWorks group and my daughter who is home for the summer!

My future Athletic trainer takes me ... Call it placebo, but it worked beautifully.

True, or as true as we have in terms of Italian pizza in Charlotte - loved it!

All my best ... a dopo ... J

... My first trail race ...

Well ... It's true ... I decided to run a trail race. A Half Marathon no less. I did run a 5K or 2 at the White Water Center, but one was at the height of my Achilles troubles and the other was a duathlon.

I signed up for the Mill Stone Half in Fort Mill. I must admit I felt nervous and unprepared. My friend Kate to.d me to take it easy and to not compare my pace to my road race pace.

Well, that I did. 40 minutes worth of not my pace! I couldn't really check my pace frequently because I was afraid to fall if I didn't pay attention.

So my thoughts -

  1. It was so fun! Much more than I thought.
  2. It was challenging.
  3. I almost fell three times.
  4. I rolled my ankles many times ... Ouch.
  5. My ankles loved the creek crossing.
  6. I stopped at all water stops. Actually stopped and talked a bit.
  7. The race was laid back and so much fun.
  8. I love my running friends.
  9. I love my running friends. (Not a typo, just thought it was worth repeating. I felt so happy to share this day with so many familiar faces!)
  10. Can't believe I'm saying this ... I may do a little more of trail runnung, maybe not trail racing, but definitely trail running.

... A dopo ... J

Sunday, May 3, 2015

... race redeemed ...

After my Racefest and Diva experience I was nervous about the New River Half. I had already decided not to run for time ... just to run my best. I wanted to feel happy and tired after this race, not defeated like I did after Racefest and Diva.

A very speedy friend of mine told me last week that New River is one of the hardest Half Marathons he has ever run. He is one amazing runner ... needless to say ... I was nervous.

I was determined not to have another mind challenging race, reason why I decided not to have a specific time in mind and let my feet do the running.

The morning was chilly in Todd, NC. Had to fight a desire to overdress, which I don't usually do ... but I was nervous.

The race had such a small town race feeling, courteous, laid back and nature loving. I was not disappointed. It was an unbelievably beautiful course with THREE VERY HARD hills and a 12 mile turnaround loop that seems to wrap two miles into one.

The difference: I enjoyed it. I pushed myself but never had a specific time in mind. The last mile was hard ... but that's the only time during the race that my mind gave in, in spite of the three hard hills I faced earlier. It was an amazing race. I'm not one to repeat races. This one may be an exception. The volunteers, the organizers and the post-race food unbelievable!!

As always, sights and sounds from my races ... here we haveTodd., NC.

A little pig hanging out pre-race.


Love the mountain laid-back mentality. They close 4ish. Perfect!

Running with my friend! I got second place in my age group. Loved placing, but most of all I loved the race, and even if far from my PR, I was so happy about my legs and my time on this very hard course.

Going forward there is no time restraint on my races. A goal yes, but not a time. I have learned my lesson.

... a dopo ... J


Sunday, April 26, 2015

... refueling with the family ... continued ...

As I wrote a few posts back ... sometimes all you need is family. The trip to New York trip worked wonders on my soul. Now it was time for my mom's presence to heal me.

My mom's illness gave taken over her body, taken away all her movement and her strength. Physical strength only ... for her soul and her spirit and her unwavering inner strength has never faltered or succumbed to this utterly horrible Mulitple System Atropy.

My mom's presence and touch can still heal me and re-energize me. I continue to be amazed .,, unpleasantly to the unkindness of people in the workplace. Thankfully I was able to escape it ... at least for a few days.

I ran though the beautiful city ...


I ate delicious food ... and lots of it ...

Loved every minute of being with my family ...




... and my friends ...

... was astounded by my Mother's beauty ...

.. and savoured every minute ...

... every second ... a dopo ... J


... Yes ... the time when things didn't go as planned ...

My running is now different. Having so many races I never really train. Back in March I conquered a 4 minute PR. I was so happy, as it happened in a hard course. I remember working for it and enjoying every minute of it. I was NOT purposely looking for a PR, however in the midst of it I was actively pursuing it.

Fast forward to April. I scheduled back to back Half Marathons. For the first time I actually had a specific goal in mind. Well, that turned out to be a great mistake. I always have a secret wish goal in mind, but never a specific goal in mind.

But Racefest Charlotte was the chosen race.

I picked up a pace tattoo at the local running store and went to bed. I was restless all night. I knew attempting another 4 minute PR was close to impossible.

Yet ... I set off with the goal in mind, and although for the first miles I was up to pace, my legs felt heavy and my running felt laboured. It was such a hard race. I was nowhere near the goal time ... not even close to my PR. Needless to say ... it was painful.

Right after the first Half, I sped on home took a quick shower, dropped off the pup at the sitter and went to pick up my friend and drove 3 and a half hours to the second expo. This time around ... Diva's Half Marathon at Myrtle Beach.

I was hurting ... I think the insole was not placed in my shoe correctly during Racefest. My toes hurt and my arch did too. After a quick dinner we went to the hotel to rest. I was restless all night. I knew right then and there that my second Half of the weekend was going to be another hard one. And it was ... Even if it was a flat course .., I struggled. My mind and legs were just not in the game.

So what did I learn. Never, never have a set goal in mind. I always try my best, so having a pace to conquer, and an unrealistic pace at that, proved to have a power not to be easily overcome.

After my ego let go I looked back and was thankful that my body was able to give me 26.2 miles, even if split in two days.

I think I should really up my game and start training. I must admit ... running without a plan has felt amazing, but ... I do want to get better and miles alone won't do that.

We shall see ...

A dopo ... J